Tiara Pickens

Sports News

Filming sports requires a lot of steadiness, but yet quick movement. It is important to have a tripod to balance the shot when filming sports. It’s also good to have quick movement ability in order to capture the active activity of the players.

Today I was able to capture footage of the High School State Championship games. Having the hands-on-experience of filming a sport has acquired me with the skill of performing under pressure and getting the job done. Shooting sports can be difficult at times. The photographer has to zoom in and out constantly while keeping the shot in focus can be overwhelming. Trying to capture the half-time shot, game-breaker, impossible 3-pointer, or the game winning shot is a hard task to accomplish when the ball is continuously moving around.

When trying to capture the great memorable shots in sports, always remember you’re not going to catch all of the good shots, but never let that discourage you from catching that one great shot. Sports will always be challenging, because you’ll never know what or when things will occur. Sports are fun, energetic, and competitive, and a photographer’s job is to make sure that is displayed through their footage.


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