By Christina Shively

WTVM is starting to grow on me. The first couple of weeks were hard because I was trying to fit in and get to know everyone while getting work done. Now that I have been here for almost five weeks I am starting to blend in with everyone and connect with them on their work positions as a coworker. It is always exciting to know that you fit in at your place of work.

Now that I am assured that I am a part of the team my work load has started to grow too. This week I was able to follow a reporter about a gun being brought to an elementary school. We made phone calls in the morning and then headed out to get our interviews.

The first interview was with a concerned parent. We met at her apartment complex and I learned how to set the scene. As reporters we tell the interviewee where to stand so we can get the right lighting in place to make the shot presentable. During the interview I also asked a few questions. This was the first interview that I was able to create questions to ask. It was a nerve wracking moment only because I was nervous that my questions might not be very good, or they might be off topic. After asking the questions I realized that they only added to the interview. We were able to use the information in the package presented that night.

Like I said, my work load has become intense. While following the reporter I was asked to write and record my own stand up. After I wrote it I spoke with the reporter I was shadowing and we edited it to make it less academic and more conversational. After the writing was done we went to the elementary school to film it. I am learning that being on a news crew and riding in the company vehicle does not only receive positive feedback, but negative. While I was doing my standup I was yelled at by a car passing by. I was not discouraged, but the reporter I was following that day reminded me that it happens all the time and not to worry about it. Regardless of the distraction I was able to do a pretty good stand up.

Friday was my long day. I work a full nine hours on Fridays to get the full experience. I was directed to create my own news package. I was really nervous to do this because the editing software I have learned at school is different than in the studio. Using Edius at WTVM is confusing compared to what I am used to. In the beginning I was really frustrated. I started asking people for help and they were excited to share their “methods to the madness.”

Towards the end of the day I realized that I needed to write my package out before actually creating the package. I went through my clips, found the sound bites I wanted to use and lastly wrote around the sound bites so that I was not repeating information.

I have yet to finish the package, but my goal is to finish it next week. I hope it turns out well and shows the progress I have made since I have been here!


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