Devin Taylor

Making Progress: Blog Post Two

Now that we’ve wrapped up everything on the CarMax grant we received in February, I’ve been able to turn my focus as Ferst Foundation’s intern to finalizing our website, calling program participants, and preparing for our first-ever Facebook contest.

The contest is a first for me, too – I’ve never designed an implemented a contest as a PR strategy. I’ve finalized our contest rules recently, and am preparing to begin promotion for the contest next week on our Facebook page. Because my internship is very hands-off (on the part of my supervisors), I’ve been able to figure out how to tailor this contest to our target audience largely by myself. It’s required a lot of time spent thinking about our audience’s demographic, as well as what type of messages would appeal to them. The purpose of the contest is to increase our following on social media, and I’m excited to see how it turns out – to say I have very high hopes for it would be an understatement.

In addition to preparing for our contest, I’ve been finalizing our website, which is now ready to be turned into an actual domain. It’s taken hours and hours of work, but I am so proud to see my work being put to use for an actual organization. The entire experience I’ve had as Ferst Foundation’s intern has been amazing – I feel like all of the things I’ve learned in my classes are finally coming into play. On the phone with my parents the other night, I told them I finally know what it feels like to have a real job. I’ve been indescribably busy, but it has paid off tenfold. I think of my internship less as a clearly defined set of duties, and more as a constant opportunity to help the organization in any way I can. I’m excited to find out what this month has in store for me.


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