Getting Settled: Blog Post 1

Devin Taylor

The Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy

Before beginning this internship, I’ll admit it: on the inside, I was nervous. My internship is a brand new one. Last semester, I played a role in initiating the position as part of a group in my PR Campaigns class. It’s a different, telecommunication sort of internship – I don’t report to an office and sign in or “punch in” with a timecard. Instead, I communicate with my supervisor and other volunteers over the phone and via email, and am trusted to keep track of the hours I work. The ambiguity of working from home seemed a little scary at first, but I’ve grown to cherish the convenience of it.

The Ferst Foundation is a Georgia nonprofit that works to develop early literacy skills in children by mailing them one book per month from birth to age five – during their most critical learning stage. The program is completely free to participants (thanks to grants and donations), and operates in over 75 counties and communities across the state. I became involved with the Foundation’s mission last fall, when my team was given the opportunity to design a PR campaign for the Muscogee County division. After creating an internship position as part of that campaign, I figured my experience with the organization made me a great candidate to fill it.

Thus far, I’ve made a ritual out of working on internship tasks: every day after I get home from class, I work for two hours. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure I could find enough to fill those two hours, but I frequently find myself losing track of time and working longer. Some of my general tasks include calling program participants to ensure the program is running smoothly, managing the website and social media accounts and establishing relationships with local media outlets. In addition, I frequently communicate with our Volunteer Coordinator to otherwise aid in way that I can.

Most recently, I was tasked with orchestrating a check presentation ceremony for a $10,000 grant we’ve received from CarMax. This project has been my favorite so far. Not only is it really exciting to me that I’ve been able to play a key role in putting this event together, it’s given me the opportunity to make some great connections (I’ve been working directly with the PR department at CarMax headquarters). I’ve already learned a lot about the process behind these kinds of things.

Overall, I am very much enjoying my internship. My supervisor gives me almost complete freedom to help our organization in any way I can, and is very open to my ideas and suggestions. I look forward to the rest of the semester, and I just know I will be a little sad when the internship is over.


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