By Emily Perry

This week, I continued with title writing and blog optimization; however, there were a few twists. First was the weather. I live in North GA and had to work from home twice this week and leave early once (they closed the office due to weather so we all went home). We had a significant amount of snow at my house and, since I live further north than most in the office, the roads froze over and I was unable to get out the next morning. I’m thankful to have a job that allows for such work from home opportunities.

With the blog optimization this week, there were several posts that had to be completed, as usual. However, one of the blogs was messing up and had to be optimized in “text” mode rather than “visual mode.” This requires knowledge in HTML coding, which I was (luckily) able to pick up quickly. My manager sent me an example of a post he did that included said HTML codes and I used his as a reference for the next 8 posts I had to do. It was a learning curve but I caught on quickly and was able to get them done, though they were much more time consuming than I anticipated.
With the HTML coding, I had to make sure I was using each code correctly and that I closed the code at the end of a paragraph or header. I never knew was <h2></h2> meant until today, or <p></p>, or even <a href=”LINK URL”>TEXT</a>.
All of those are really simple for someone who is into coding, but I didn’t know what they were. I’m glad I know now, in case one of the blogs decides to mess up in the future and has to be optimized in text mode. All in all, it was a great week!

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