Jasmin Santiago

February 2: Today’s task was to rewrite another health minute script that would air on WTVM, complete a January report of skills, and begin to research media connections for the Scotts Miracle Ride finale event coming in later spring semester.

Today I had to create another health minute script but this time would discuss the topic of hysterectomy. We wanted to highlight the minimally invasive and robotic surgeries available at Columbus Regional Health.

Afterwards I had to list a series of skills and tasks I’ve done during my internship thus far for the month. I then sent this to my boss, Marion. This monthly checkup is essentially a review of everyone at the hospital doing his or her job. These tasks ranged from: assisting in creating health minutes, social media, preplanning for events such as Mind, Body, and Spirit and Bluegrass for babies, etc.

To the end the day we briefly discussed a new project that Kristen Averett and I would have to complete before the Scott’s Miracle Ride event in late spring. Our long-term project was to find news media from the several town stops that the riders would be making.

By finding contacts we can tip the media a story of the riders, their message/cause for the ride, and even create a potential interview opportunity. The more we relay the message, the greater chances at donations nationwide to benefit Children’s Miracle Network become. This would be a long extensive research process for the semester because many of those towns are very rural and we need to look into surrounding areas as well.

Overall a lot has been accomplished today and I’m looking forward to what’s to come!


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