Jasmin Santiago

January 22: Traffic morning meetings, big planning and last minute details for the upcoming Mind, Body, and Spirit Retreat coming up on the 24th were in order.

Our traffic meeting consisted mainly on the topic of the Mind, Body, and Spirit Retreat coming up. After figuring out last minute tweaks and details that still had to be organized, Jessica and I left to go get decorations and materials.

We drove to a warehouse nearby that had created bags special for the event and each woman that came to participate. We had three boxes of huge bags but thankfully one of the workers helped lift the boxes into my car. Once we left we went Columbus State where the event would be held this weekend. It was just us two setting up so we were fortunate enough when we found a hotel luggage cart. We carried the boxes up the hill into the event room and quickly set it up neatly on some tables. Before we left we got a quick look at the runway and table layouts to make sure everything was set for the day of.

Once we got back into the office we had a quick business lunch break where we discussed the agenda for the day of the event. After lunch I was enrolled with the task to create another social media post that marketed our event coming up.

The chaos of putting together a great event like this and seeing my name on the program really resonated with the feeling that I could get use to this lifestyle. I am looking forward to see what the outcome is for the event itself!


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