By Symone Grady
Last week at WTVM I was able to sit in on a meeting with people from the newsroom and people with sales. In the meeting, they discussed how to form an upcoming event. In my management, marketing, and pr courses, I have learned that a successful company is a machine. This machine is composed of different parts, or departments. Although the functions of these departments are very different, they must work together. When they work together, the machine continues to thrive; if not the machine dies. Knowing this, it was nice to see this collaboration of departments.
This week (Wednesday and Friday) I have/will be working with the sales departments. The sales department is upstairs, and the newsroom is downstairs. As I got a chance to meet and speak with a few of the sales people, several of them said the same things to me, “We work sided by side with the people in the newsroom even though we never see them.” This too, confirmed that this organization is made of of different departments that works together.
My first day working with sales was exciting. I got a grand tour of the sales department and met a lot of people. My first task was to call the three winners of the WTVM umbrella contest. This was very exciting for me. My supervisor gave me a script and was very pleased at how comfortable I was speaking to the people (thanks to my call center work history). My second task was selecting the Thunder in the Valley contest winners and next weeks Umbrella contest winners. In doing this, I was taught how to navigate through the system used to design these text-sms based contest.
While working with Sales, I was constantly reminded of how everyone’s job intertwines with another. I was able to experience this first-hand when going out on a sales call with two employees.
We went to a pediatrican’s office and held a “discovery meeting.” In pr we like to refer to this as obtaining information for a situational or SWOT analysis. During this meetings, I was able to see a lot of parallels between pr and sales, which is what my supervisor also expressed to me. In the discovery meeting, the employee’s pretty much wanted to speak with the doctor about strengths, weaknesses, competition, and other factors to obtain sufficient information needed to create a customized strategy for the organization to overcome it’s challenges. After the discovery meetings, the employees will put together a package, present or pitch it to the clients and hopefully score a sale. The sales team at WTVM sell advertising to clients.

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