By Symone Grady

Last week I was able to go out into the field with a reporter to cover a story. This was the highlight of my week. I was so excited to actually be doing field work. I went out with a reporter and another intern to respond to a call we got from a woman reporting that there was something going on in the house across the street from hers. We rush to get our camera, battery, and sd card, hop in the company car, and make our way to the address that was given to us.

Upon arriving, we see four cop cars and a woman observing. The reporter immediately rushes over to the officers to ask what’s happening only to be directed back to the vehicle. One thing that this reporter taught me was to always be persistent. After being directed back to the car, she set up her camera and began recording footage of the cop cars and of the officers going in and out of the building. Roughly thirty minutes later, a reporter from another news station showed up. Then, the reporter once again attempted to get information from the officers, in vain.

We ended up staying at this scene for roughly an hour and a half. The reporter’s persistence actually paid off because we were able to get someone of the appropriate ranking to talk to us. Come to find out, the cops came to this house looking for a murder suspect. However, when the officers’ knocks went unanswered and voices were heard from inside the house, they forced their way in only to find two men disposing drugs.

Going out in the field with this reporter taught me that you must be persistent. When it comes to getting your story, you cannot give up. People are not always going to want to talk but you must be persistent or adapt. It was also cool to see how fast her footage and pictures were displayed for the public. This was a very exciting experience and I cannot wait to go back out into the field.


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