By Connor Davis

(Week of 2/16 – 2/20)

This week was spent in preparation for the Youth of the Year dinner at the National Infantry museum held on Thursday night.  There were a couple different errands that we had to run back and forth between the office, clubs, and museum before the event.  My coworker Michael and I dropped off a podium, event materials, and posters to the museum all throughout the week.  On the day of the event is where I got the most hands-on experience I have had since my involvement at Boys and Girls Club.
I arrived at the National Infantry museum around 2 PM that day, allowing around five hours for set-up time.  We first met with the audio/visual technicians at the museum so that we could ensure that our PowerPoint presentation and music were properly working for the event.  Then we arranged all of our posters representing the Youth of the Year Finalists, set up our information and registration tables, and made sure that the banquet and reception rooms were ready for the night.  The museum was in charge of setting up the dinner tables, stage, and for providing the dinner and drinks.
The event was a complete success.  I was in charge of welcoming the committee chair guests to the museum and ushering them into the reception.  I was friendly and dressed in business attire so that I could make the best possible impression on our guests.  I also assisted in directing the banquet guests to their respective tables and managing the guest list.  During the banquet, I was able to enjoy dinner and appreciate the atmosphere.  There were over 500 guests in attendance and I had the chance of meeting a lot of new people.  After dinner, I waited with the four Youth of the Year finalists and directed them on-and-off stage during their awards ceremony.  I was able to be involved in crucial areas of the evenings proceedings and gained a lot of practical experience with event management.
This upcoming week, we will have the chance to debrief on the event and shift focus to the next task: the Women’s Giving Circle 2nd Annual Luncheon.

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