By Tiara Pickens


Photographers are known for using their creative expertise to visually tell a story. But what does it takes to be a news photographer/videographer, and what does it consist of?

Videographers have a job that demands critical analysis/ thinking, knowledge of communication, production, adaptation, research, and application skills.

Critical analysis/ thinking is applied when videographers decide which and what type of footage they want to capture that best explains the given story. They decide on what is important and relevant to the story. Knowledge of communication is critical for this field. Miscommunication could ruin a story. Knowing how to communicate the requirements with the producer, then deliberating the details to the reporter, will create a smooth and easy process of getting the job done as a team.

Application and research works hand-and-hand on gaining information and applying that information. Finding out information about a particular scene through interviews and then applying that interview to a news package, will award you a good production piece. Production is producing your own work. Videographers produce their work by conducting footage; interviews; and video editing. Videographers having the ability to produce diverse stories and broad events require adaptation skills. Being able to adjust to the given environment of a story, or being exposed to different situations to solve may be intense at times. Things change over time, and new problems needs new solutions. Adapting to change is a skill that all videographers must acquire.

There is a lot of work and skills that goes into being a good videographer/photographer. It’s not all about knowing how to use a camera. So when you see a news production on television, know that there were six components executed to help make that production successful.


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