Chelsea Person

NPACE Blog #3

This week in the CSU Athletic Department we continued to work on developing the brand for our upcoming women’s athletics event. If you have ever thought that creating a logo, slogan and pitch are easy, I urge you to think again. After much trial and error our planning committee and myself came to an agreement on a logo design. Because of my duty to protect client information, I cannot share the mock up at this time, but look forward to sharing it with the World Wide Web soon!

While I was designing the logo, I had many elements to consider: University Relations policies on use of the CSU brand, color meanings, font, and more. Once I did all the research, I had to decide how to apply the research. All this had to be done quickly. Creativity on a time crunch isn’t ideal, but it’s very “real world.” I’m hopeful that the logo and brand name will be approved and we can move on to the next steps.

No matter what I’m so thankful and excited to have this experience because it so mimics the Communication field and the work place. Deadlines are important, quality is essential and maintaining relationships with your coworkers throughout the entire process is vital.


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