Blog #2

By Symone Grady

My current schedule at WTVM is 3:30am-12:30pm Wednesdays and 9:30am-6:30pm Fridays. I began my internship February 11,2015. Since I am not used to waking up so early, I decided to go to bed at 7pm the night before to get at least six hours of sleep. However, my attempts to sleep were unsuccessful. My mind raced as I anxiously awaited my big day. Frustration began to build as I laid in bed trying to let my mind go blank and fall asleep. After getting approximately two hours of sleep, my alarm sounded at 2:29am.

Unfortunately, no one at the station was informed that I would be starting today so they were ill prepared for me to begin working. However, I was greeted with warm smiles and firm hand shakes. I was introduced to all of the early bird staff members. I was setup at a desk to familiarize myself with the software that is used to write, edit, and view scripts. I worked on this for nearly an hour and a half. Then, I worked in the control and production room. It was interesting to see what all goes into each show.

I got a chance to sit in on one of the team meetings. Overall, I can see that everyone contributes and helps each other. After this meeting, Janelle introduced me to Tanita, the Digital Content Director. On Wednesdays, I will be working with her on social media and page content. One of the first things Tanita asked me was to give her a list of all of my social media usernames so that she can “stalk” them. Instantly, I understood the importance of one’s social media presence.


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