By Sherale Booker

This past week as a NPACE intern, Ventrine and I have wrapped up filming and editing her campus safety video. It came out very nice and I believe we collaborated on some great ideas together to make it come out as amazing as it did. Ventrine is an amazing editor and I believe she did a great job with executing her campus safety video. It was a great project to work on and she taught me a couple of things as far as video, audio and certain editing tips. Now that we’ve finished up with Ventrine’s project, I’m going to begin my own video project next. Helping Ventrine with her project was super inspiring for me and it really got my creative juices flowing. Ventrine challenged me to create and film something that I was passionate about. I’ve already began working on my proposal for my project and I feel like this project will be something that I can proudly say that I’ve had 100% creative control over and it will be something that will challenge me creatively. I’m super excited about it. I will update later with more details.


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