By Emily Perry

This week, I again focused primarily on blog optimization. We did have a few issues with one of the blogs not allowing pictures to be uploaded to it, so that was a bit of a challenge, but we were able to work around it by just using pictures saved in their Media File that’s automatically part of the blog. Again, the things I did this week were really nothing new, so I’ll talk a bit about blog optimization and what exactly it is. Basically, I focus on SEO and keywords. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and keywords are what we use to get our blogs found through Google. There is more that goes into it than just keywords, but those are of great importance. Keywords do take some getting used to in order to figure out how exactly to go about putting them into the blog and the SEO pack, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad. I’ve gotten to the point where, if I’m reading a blog entry online, I try to see where their keywords are in the content.


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