Internship Day 1

By Jasmin Santiago

January 19: Today was the start of my new internship at Columbus Regional Health. To put into simpler words I was ecstatic and unbelievably nervous all at the same time; but hey it was my first shot at getting a taste of what to expect after graduation! I arrived at 9am in the Corporate building at the hospital and met with Jessica Word and Marion Scott, also known as – my bosses. But honestly I couldn’t be more thankful to have them as my new mentors for the year. Marion was a previous professor of mine and Jessica was a recent graduate from the Communications Department. Small world!

As I entered the Marketing department floor I got the opportunity to meet plenty of people immediately. It’s an understatement as to how awful I am at memorizing names. Considering so, I made a note that it’s definitely something to improve on.

First mission for the day: Complete employee testing and then get my official badge!

First selfie proof of my badge!
First selfie proof of my badge!

Jessica gave me the run down of what to expect with the test and how I could retake any section if I didn’t pass the first time. Since this was my first official day I didn’t want to disappoint and be known as ‘the intern that didn’t pass the test’, so I took it seriously. Jessica walked me over to the Conference hall where the computers were and I got started on the exam. The exam itself took about 3 hours to complete but in the end I passed every section! Afterwards I walked over to where I got my picture and badge taken.

I was now an official intern at Columbus Regional Health. Pretty exciting stuff, and in typical millennium style, a ‘selfie’ was taken to mark the moment. It was a great start to the week and I left right afterwards at 12:30pm.


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