Blog post 1

Neil Entz

For this week, I’ve learned many things during my time at NPACE. I have recognized the amount of time it requires to be knowledgable about camera and editing production. I still need to learn how to perfect my editing skills in both audio and video production. I have come across the number of different frame rates appropriate for each medium. I still realize that through this internship I will be able to make myself more valuable to potential employers. It seems that more techniques are required to provide assistance toward my colleagues.

The other thing that makes this internship interesting is the bonding experience. I come to see that NPACE has its own rituals. It is through these rituals that I have come to be accepted by my mentors and peers. I remember having to watch an interesting movie produced by a YouTube artist called Cardboard Wars. It was through the video that Ben provided me with more knowledge about the framing and audio functions. The other example is seeing Jeff’s previous work in the military and various shoots. I can see this being an experience that I will not soon forget.


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