Blog #1

By Sherale Booker

Hello! My name is Sherale Booker and I intern for Columbus State University’s NPACE Center. For those that are not aware, NPACE stands for (N)on (P)rofit (A)nd (C)ivic (E)ngagement. The NPACE Center is a new addition to the Communication Department at CSU that allows students the opportunity to utilize new media and technology to bring awareness to local non-profit organizations as well as awareness to the school.

My first couple weeks as an intern with the NPACE Center has been very interesting. I have been working with my mentor, Ventrine Parham, on a campus Safety video for CSU. The purpose of the video is to bring awareness to the students about different safety resources for students and faculty members on CSU’s campus. This video is something that Ventrine recently started and I had the pleasure of helping her create a proposal and set up a game plan on how to execute a successful video.

After we created the proposal, Ventrine and I set out on different days over the course of 2 weeks to film interviews and supplemental footage to help make our video look great. We also went on a couple of test shoots because she wanted to test out my camera skills and give pointers on how I could improve.

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Sgt. Tess Taylor with CSU police. She was very friendly and very helpful when it came to interviewing her for our video.

So far, my first couple weeks with Ventrine and the NPACE Center have been pretty busy. Ventrine has been helpful and we have both been working hard on this campus safety video. Will update later with more info on my experiences with the NPACE Center.


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