1st day interning at WTVM

By Ashton Merriweather

I am currently interning at WTVM, with the sports department. I love it! Yesterday I got the chance to work along side Kim Smith, sports anchor at WTVM, putting together packages for national signing day. It was a pretty hectic day. I learned how to edit on the Edius program and how the sports department works.

I also got a chance to work with Dave on putting scripts together and getting engaging stories about athletes who were signing mostly for football. I was excited to see how they get their stories and who their resources are and how they use creditable resources such as CNN to cover national sports/news. The big talk of the town was the signing of Terry Godwin with UGA! He made a big announcement on live television. It was pretty interesting witnessing the anticipation of the fans, family, and close friends and Terry Godwin.

I will soon be working on my own stories to shoot and edit. Kim Smith was a great teacher and shared many interests with myself. She will teach me techniques that I will need to know in order to put together a successful package or reel in the near future. The environment in the sports department is very engaging as well as positive and I like that a lot. I look forward to learning a great amount of things about what goes into producing, anchoring, and editing a sports piece.


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