It’s Hard to Say Goodbye: Final CPR Recording

This semester has taught me so much about people, their work ethic, and what’s really important to them. I’ve watched the students of CPR go from very shy students to opening up and having the time of their lives recording for their show. That within itself is one of the things that I will take with me and cherish as I prepare to graduate. This week, the final episode of Columbus Public Radio was recorded and it was a bittersweet moment for me. It would be the end of my independent study and internship, but I have built life long relationships with these people.


For the last time, I sent them all an email telling them “don’t forget to have your segments ready to record next week!” but this time at the end of my message it would say…”for the final time.” They went into overload, and came together to put together their last and final show. I told them to make sure that they made it special and brought out the best them that they could.


As I asked, they made their final show their best one yet! I’m very proud that I was chosen to be their content coordinator. I was able to lead a group of hardworking and determined students to help them create something that they would have been very proud of. Thank you K’Niqua, Aliyah, Sophie, Brandon, Cayresten, Henry (not pictured), Raigan (Not pictured), Mathew(Not Pictured), and Ventrine (not pictured), for all of your hard work and dedication to Columbus Public Radio.



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