Coming to a close

This is the last full week I will be at the Liberty Theatre. It has been an eventful time and I have been able to work with very creative and giving people.

I’ve always been interested in the arts and to be able to work behind the scenes I can understand why our Theatre students at Columbus State are so busy. It is a lot of work. It is even more work when trying to market a show.

It still saddens me to know that many people are still not aware of the Liberty Theatre and what it does for this community. The Thanksgiving dinner and clothing drive was a success. Many people were grateful and after the event we donated the rest of the food to the House of Mercy, a shelter here in the community.

The next event is the Black Nativity. It was a successful event last year and I am sure it will be just as successful. They are trying new ways to get people interested in buying tickets like this past Thursday they did a Black Friday sale on tickets.

I am currently working on the Playbill for the show and I must say it is coming along nicely. I am glad that they trust me to put something together for them.


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