Run for Soldiers!!!!!


It was a cold brisk Saturday morning in Fort Benning, GA. Thousands were gathered to participate and watch a marathon, half marathon and a 5K road race. I was helping film for iNto Columbus TV show. As apart of my filming, I shot most of the race and went around collecting audio and sometimes filming interviews of different racers, organizations and people enjoying the competition. The Solider Marathon is held annually in awareness and salutation to the American solider, it also gives runner more experience and is used to race money for the House of Heroes and the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning. The race was very exciting, it was great to see all of the people coming out in honor of troops and showing support to the local event happening. I filmed using one of the Sony 4D Cameras and used the mopod strapped around my waist. It was my second time using the mopod and I think I’m starting to get the hang of things. It is important to be steady with the mopod in order to get good stable shots. Moving too much and not being steady can turn a potentially great shot into a really bad one. Overall, I had such a fun time at the Marathon; I even got some primetime photos for a local paper. It was a great learning experience and on top of that I got to support a great cause!

IMG_3657 copy1472089_10152392998245981_3247544523299871495_n


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