How Do You Expect Someone to Follow if You Don’t Lead?…

CPR has taught me to have patience. Everyone does not learn the same. Some can be told what to do , and execute the plan, and others must be shown. Everything that I know, I did not learn on my own, I had someone to watch and help groom me. I always carry that reminder with me while I’m helping the students of CPR. I make it my business as much as possible, to be in the recording room with them as they record.


In this picture above, this was the first time that student Brianna Mcclain had ever done any form of radio. She was nervous to sit in the recording chair, and she was also nervous to know what she would sound like, so I decided to be her test dummy. I sat in the recording chair and talked with her, to make her comfortable. It was the exact same thing that Dave Arwood at PMB Broadcasting had done for me.


I could see that working as she began to ease up a lot more and smile. I’ve learned that building a working relationship of comfort, will go a long way with your team. Always be there to uplift them and motivate them , so that they may work harder and ask more questions. I let my team know that they are important to me, and that I am accessible to them at all cost.20140929_164528

I always have the best time when I’m sitting behind a mic. It’s the best experience ever.


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