CPR: Girls Say What?!

CPR Radio has different segments of the show which are Music, Entertainment, Politics, and News. “Girls Say Whatttt” is the title of the entertainment segment. The hosts of this amazing segment are Sophie Jones, K’Niqua Browne, and Aliyah Anglin. These three girls all have different personalities, that allow them to come together as one, and produce a great segment.

K'Niqua A.K.A. Diamond K

K’Niqua A.K.A. Diamond K

K’Niqua is 1/3 of “Girls Say What,”  when we first started she was so shy and not too fond of her voice because it is so soft, but now she has progressed tremendously and is taking the lead to become better at her craft.



Aliyah Anglin is 2/3 of the group and although I love to be in there with everyone while they are recording, with students like her, there’s no need for me to be. She can record her group’s segment and edit it all at the same time. Things like this make me very excited. I teach the girls that it is very important to be well rounded in this field.

Fireball Sophie

Fireball Sophie

The last member of the group is Sophie Jones. Sophie has a dynamic radio voice that is energetic and captivating! When I heard Sophie live for the first time I was immediately blown away. There’s so much talent inside of her and all of the girls that I sometimes sit back and watch them work together in amazement. They are all dedicated to what we do in NPACE and its quite refreshing.


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