Being Creative

Since I have been at the Liberty Theatre I have been given many design opportunities to build my portfolio. I am currently working on the November/December newsletter. I am someone who is big on cohesiveness and making sure everything connects so I made our newsletter for this month resemble the presentation as well as brochure that I created or them.

I must say have definitely progressed within theses short about of months in getting better at graphic design. One thing I’ve learned from the department is that the eye always wins and the best way to catch someones attention is by making something graphically appealing, nut still readable and simple.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 5.46.41 PM

Here is a sample of the brochure that I created.

Also for the newsletter something new we are incorporating are actual interviews with board members, directors and entrepreneurs. We have a few amazing events coming up fairly soon, like our play the Black Nativity. We are also starting to promote for next year. The Liberty Theatre will be hosting a Women in Business Expo to celebrate women who are entrepreneurs. I am excited that I will be given the opportunity to interview someone about the entrepreneurial ventures.


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