Zip WHAT????


A couple of Thursday’s ago, I had the pleasure of helping film at the new zip line from downtown Columbus across the river into Phenix City, Alabama. This opportunity was to showcase the new Columbus Attraction as a brief segment for iNto Columbus. I used one of the Sony 4D cameras to film with a mogopod connected to my waist. The shoot was very interesting because, for starters, it was across the river so it was important to find a good angle to film at, somewhere that a great shot could be caught. Also, because it was daylight and in rather muggy weather the White Balance had to be manually set so that the image would not be very dark or too light for filming. I decided to film from the lowest point I could get to the river, so I stood at the bottom on the walkway and filmed zip-ling from the post across the river. My white balance was set focused on the line so that I could have good lighting against the clouds. I had a lot of fun on the shoot, not to mention I gained some experience in catching moving objects, in somewhat bad lighting and a chance to see some zip-ling!



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