David Pope Visits the CPR team

Throughout the semester, the CPR team has to undergo a lot of training. Several of the students a part of CPR have never done radio before, but it is something that they are truly passionate about. Dr. Gibson set up a list of guest host that could come in and help the students, and David Pope was one of those guests.


David Pope works at AFLAC in Columbus, Georgia, but he also does a lot of voiceover work. During his hour-long session with the team, he discussed many ways to help us develop better radio voices. Pope made sure to stress the importance of reading any and everything that is in reach. Read in different voices to find the voice that you like. Enunciation is a huge one, and there were a lot of breathing techniques involved. Sitting during this meeting I was just amazed at the amount of things that went into the voice over work. Radio and voice over work are almost completely the same thing. I’ve always wanted to do voice over animation so who knows if David Pope has sparked a new interest. Either way I’m always appreciative when guests drop by.


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