CPR: Training with Mathew and Kim

The primary goal when CPR was brought to the table was to train the students to be able to put on a great radio show. One of the ways we do this is by helping the students with proper one-on-one hands on training. It’s important that they know how to work all of the equipment that they have access to in NPACE. Training with Mathew Gay is first priority. I’ve trained with them, but training with Mathew on the equipment is the best way for anyone to learn.


During this training session, Mathew was training with the music segment crew. He was breaking down the show concept, segments, and how important it is for them to hit their time mark. This was one of the first times that the students got to really put the headphones on and hear themselves talking through the mic. Prior to training with Mathew, they had to bring content ready to record and practice.


Kimberly Dutton is another crew member in NPACE that is knowledgeable about the equipment and radio. She and the Entertainment crew got together to practice their first couple of segments. Being the content coordinator I sit and observe and watch the group of students during all of their recordings for their facial expressions, their brainstorming process, and their passion through recording. So far so good.20140926_173425-1


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