Better Late Than Never

Well, first blog of the semester but a lot is going on right now with this internship. I am actually in Kansas right now filming for one of our television shows, Realtree Outdoors.

It’s been fairly hot the past couple of days so the deer movement has been pretty slow. However, we got a really good buck on our Moultrie trail camera yesterday afternoon. (shameless plug, they sponsor this show) He’s a stud.


We hunted him all day today and never saw him. Still a few more days left to hunt though. School really doesn’t help this time of the year haha. Gotta be back for Dr. McCollough’s class at 2 on Monday. So Dr. McCollough, if I come in class dressed in camo and smelling like a deer you know why.

Anyways, I am going to try and post after each hunt over the next few days so check back in tomorrow and hopefully we will have seen this giant whitetail we are after.



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