Networking Rounds


During Week Eleven I added some videos to the website but the slow Internet speed made the process take a great deal longer. While waiting for the videos to upload I removed some text and logo from the DSC brochure as requested by Jay.

On the next internship day, I began my day by going to the 8 a.m. Chamber 101 meeting where I networked as PR for the Disability Service Center. I found the Chamber 101 meeting to be informational and I saw the Chamber as an opportunity to further promote DSC in the future. After returning to DSC, I met with Ashley of Adventure Autism Travel about the upcoming Golf Tournament. Later I went to a Rotary Club with Jay for further networking. It is becoming more and more apparent just how important networking is for a nonprofit. Afterwards, we went to the NPACE Center and recorded my first CPR Nonprofit Circle with Jay being the first nonprofit guest on the segment (I hope to make this a weekly segment with other NPACE Center partners). Once we completed the segment, we went to the Chamber of Commerce after I mentioned the possibility of getting the NPACE Center involved with the Chamber (Oh, me and my bright ideas). That is a whole different story.


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