A Sign of Beauty

purple plant

As the weather cools down many individuals would think that it would become a slow time for the Columbus Botanical Garden. This is partially true but only because the weather is cooler. This is not because the flowers are not in bloom. Actually on the contrary there are always flowers in bloom.

Each season the Botanical Gardens make sure that there flowers going out of bloom will be replaced with new ones that bloom that season. So this year it has been my job to help gain awareness and also get more people involved in the winter. While promoting event and also helping with their social media presence I have found that more people are coming to take photos and also visit. Mainly for the upcoming Christmas or Thanksgiving seasons for cards and other family activities.

With these holidays quickly approaching many more people are coming to visit due to the need of beautiful places to take these photos with great backgrounds. Hopefully as this season continues I may be able to assist the Gardens to gain a few more customers.


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