Interview with Freeze Frame

ResizedImage_1414617349137 (1)

Today I put together a package a little different. This week I chose to do a segment with Freeze Frame located on Broadway and 11th. It was a different interview setup. The owner basically gave me a tutorial of what to do at Freeze Frame. She demonstrated step by step how to make a yogurt bowl of your choice. First by picking the size cup/waffle to put your yogurt in, next selecting the different flavors of frozen yogurt that you desire, next adding the over 60 toppings to choose from, finally weighing your cup/waffle to see how much it weighed. The prices are .49 cents per oz and they offer 10% discounts with military ID and student ID cards. Freeze Frame also offers a discount if you purchase and wear their shirts with their logo. I enjoyed shooting here at Freeze Frame and will definitely make another trip in the near future.

ResizedImage_1414617349640 ResizedImage_1414617351038


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