iNto Columbus: The Server, Part II

IMG_20141024_094810_176Once again I found myself helping out with The Server. I had a friend join me so that he could learn about setting up this particular shoot. The Server is a two-camera, 4 mic set-up, meaning we set up two cameras from two different angles and then mic all four hosts for the best audio quality possible.

I helped set up the mics this time since I had learned how to do it during my last shoot. We checked to make sure that each mic was on the same frequency as its receiver, and then attached the receivers to the cameras so that the audio on the SD card came from the lavalier mics. I did not work as much with the cameras this time, but did show my friend some basics: zooming in and out, focus, the SD card slot. (Like I said, very basic.)

Generally I don’t know much about the topics the hosts discuss, but during this segment, they began talking about the newly released (leaked) Avenger’s trailer.

I think this is something most superhero movie fans, and movie fans in general, can relate to. They talked about how this story relates to the Marvel comics the movies are based on and went into the history and origin of Ant Man and later Ultron, who will appear as the supervillain in Avengers: Age of Ultron in May.

It was a pretty interesting shoot today, actually!


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