Photoshop: Looks Easy, Isn’t Really


The picture above is one of Mary Frances Bowley, the Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Wellspring Living. Wellspring Living is an organization which “Helps DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking) victims and the vulnerable develop the courage to move forward and confidence to succeed. Mary Frances Bowley has been fighting against sex trafficking since 2001. She has a heart for stopping the crime of sex trafficking and has agreed to come speak at a gala hosted by the Micah’s Promise Board. This gala is to be held in April 2015 and will be include dinner and speakers to promote support for Micah’s Promise. This event will be incredibly important for Micah’s Promise to gain both support and funding from the community.

I have had the pleasure this week of creating a poster/flier for this event. I have had to work in Photoshop to create this poster, and if no one else tells you then I will, Photoshop is hard. I know that Photoshop is not hard for everyone or to people who have been using it for a while, but for someone who has absolutely no experience with this software, it is truly difficult. However, I am glad I get the opportunity to learn this software. Although it is difficult, it is another communication channel through which I can express my creativity. Working on this poster has been a lot of fun for me and I definitely plan on using this software in the future. I would definitely recommend learning this software if you do not have any experience with it.

If you are interested in attending this gala in April, please email me at


Wellspring Living



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