The Exciting Life of Invetory

For the past few weeks, I’ve been overwhelmed with work and group projects for class, so I haven’t graced NPACE Center as much as usual. However, that doesn’t mean the NPACE work has stopped! I’ve been given the duty of inventory!

Yes, it may seem boring. And tedious. And something no one else wants to do. But I’ve found that it works quite well with my schedule. I was given paper copies of the list of items, their serial numbers, and the quantity. I typed all of this information into a Word document, made it look “pretty” (as one of the guys said), and double checked everything. Then we uploaded all the pictures of the items to Google drive so that I could work from anywhere. I’m now going through all of the pictures, matching them with their correct information.

It has been a bit tedious, but it’s coming along! And hopefully I’ll soon have more time for writing and editing some upcoming projects at NPACE!



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