Come Join Us at the Media Roundtable on Tuesday evening!


You may have seen these floating around campus promoting the event.

Today was pretty eventful for me at the station! I started out my day at the 9:45 news meeting that we normally have every morning. Next, I shadowed one of the producers for the 12:00 news show. Even though I had shadowed producers before for news segments, it’s always an exciting experience for me to see how different producers bring their own unique personality to the show. After the 12:00 show was over, Janell, the assistant news director allowed me the opportunity to write a VSOT for the 6:00 show about how Congressman Sanford Bishop Jr donated $10,000 to the local African American Museum in Columbus and donated $15,000 to the House of Mercy homeless shelter. It was my first time creating a VSOT so I was a little lost at first but luckily, I had  people around me willing to help me create a great VOSOT. After I was done creating my VSOT, Janell partnered with me about the Media  Roundtable meeting that she was organizing for Tuesday night at 7:30 in the Schuster building. The purpose of the meeting was to bring awareness to the recent occurrences of police brutality in the media and also shed light on domestic violence. Janell had me make a few copies to create a packet to pass out at the event and she had me create a few nameplates from the guest panelists that would be at the event. I will update later with more info on how the event turns out.


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