YouTube is MY FRIEND!


I love the Internet! It is something that is continuously changing and can help add to my life tremendously. Because of new technology any and everything is on the Internet and with me needing help with Final Cut, what better place to look than the Internet. Not only did I search the web for help in specials tools in Final Cut, I also went to YouTube. YouTube is my favorite website to go to, not only do I LOVE what music videos, covers, and other music oriented stuff, I can also go on there and look at self help videos, training videos, and review videos. When video editing, I think it is important to add some affect effects just to pull the video together and add a little splash to it, and that was something I knew how to do but really wanted to know more about. So I went to YouTube and found a great video by Eric Marks, on his page he does a lot of different tutorials with Final Cut, Photoshop and he even does some camera tricks. Watching this video really opened my eyes to how expanded and cool Final Cut really is. There are so many options in Final Cut, things that can really transform a presentation.


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