Making it my Own

I’ve said before how much I am enjoying my internship, but this week is just a little bit sweeter. When I started this internship, I was given a little cubicle and told that I could decorate, if I wanted to. We’ve been pretty busy, and we’re always on the go, however, this week I made my office my own.

photo-2 copy

My Message Board Wall

My Message Board Wall

This might seem silly, but I am so glad that I decorated it. Besides all of the compliments, it is fantastic coming in in the mornings to my bright space-I feel like a part of the department. I feel like decorating my cubicle, even if temporary, lets them know that I am invested in this space, and more importantly, Columbus Regional Health.

I am incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity at Columbus Regional Health, and I can’t wait to see what is next! I even love getting my little sticky note messages!

My first message!

My first message!


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