Knocking Out Breast Cancer

Columbus Regional Health

Columbus Regional Health

An astronomical amount of planning has been going on around the office lately. Columbus Regional Foundation hosted the 12th annual Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon this week, with a knockout theme. This year they chose the theme of “Knocking Out Breast Cancer,” and it was a huge success.

photo 1-2

An example of the table settings.

An example of the table settings.

I got to help with this event in so many ways. I wrote up some press releases for the event, as well as advertising the event and highlighting key parts of the luncheon on social media platforms. It was neat to see my ideas carried out, and to know that I contributed in some way. I also helped to get the banquet hall ready, by helping to decorate and setting up seat presentations (all 1,400 chairs). Then on the day of, I showed up early to help with last minute things and helped to run the raffle ticket tables, while trying to help manage media.

It was a good day, for a great cause. I was lucky to be a part of the production team, even if my role was a small one.

photo 2

Scott Hill and I.

Scott Hill and I.


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