What’s Goin’ Down in the UpTown!?

It’s a crunch day. Plenty abuzz in the UptownColumbus offices as everyone readies themselves for this weekends Foodie Fest and the 2014 Arts on the River.



I’m patiently working on the weekly events emails and a FaceBook® trial schedule. Along with these two assignments today I am researching effective uses of Pinterest and Instagram. Though this sounds tedious, I think that it is important to understand fully each social media platform and it’s most effective use for reaching various target audiences. I was asked to make suggestions as to content, however, as my own interest began to take me down the “rabbit hole”, I realized that knowing your public, their interests, and setting a strategy for each individual platform also keeping in mind their relation to each other and the role that synergy plays in an effective social media planning are all much more imperative when it comes to organizational and business rather than personal. 

Sounds like a lot huh? As comfortable as most of us are with our chosen forms of social media, I think that on a professional level we need to relearn and retrain ourselves how to use them and new platforms more effectively in different situations and scenarios. The takeaway here: How we use them at home and for promoting ourselves is an extremely different animal. We won’t even delve into the tools such as analytics and how those are used to further complicate your cognition.

Well, I’m off to develop engaging content, find a bit more, share it, and hope that it attracts attention! Have a great day!!


“Rock and roll is the hamburger that ate the world.”  By Peter York



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