Busy Body – Jake Hall – NPACE/COA Center for Development


It has been a crazy few weeks for me. I have been working with the NPACE to help film some concerts put on by the Schwob School of Music. They play their concerts at Legacy Hall inside the RiverCenter. It is crazy to me that the Schwob does not have more students than they do considering the beautiful performance hall that they have right at their disposal, they have to be turning hundreds of students away. If I were any good at what they do I certainly would not be able to turn them down.

Over at the College of the Arts I have been working to update their donations page. I am not designing a new website for them, but I created a template that they will give to a web designer to create. Basically, I gave the designer a road map, and all they have to do is follow it. I certainly would not have been able to do it without the knowledge I gained in the integrated web design class that I took as part of my communication major.

Also, I took my exit assessment and passed. That means that come December I will no longer be a student at CSU, but instead I will become an alum. Exciting times I tell you.

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