What’s Goin’ Down in the Uptown !? By ZachJ

Feeling perpetually behind can be a horrible feeling, but putting stepping it up a notch and showing out is what I’m all about!

Here reported are my endeavors at Uptown Columbus. From helping with event logistics, to actual event management and promotions, I have been thoroughly enjoying my time with Mr. Bishop, Mrs. Hurst, and Mrs. Woodham.

The hustle and bustle in the office is non-stop. In just the past few weeks we have covered the Brews, Blues & Qs Festival; a contest between nearly thirty barbecuers fortified with some awesome music and of course…the brews!

     IMG_1658Then we worked on the Bikes on Broadway event. As it’s name implies, there were motorcycles abound along with vendors, and again live music! The morning of the Bikes on Broadway, event we covered the ribbon cutting for the Columbus Zip-line. I had the opportunity to spend a little time with Sarah Panko of WRBL helping her with some of her video coverage for the event. I also had the pleasure of speaking briefly with both mayors Eddie Lowe of Phenix City and Teresa Tomlinson both of whom I have had the pleasure of working with on other projects in the past. UptownBeerandWineWINEFINAL

I have also been working with various online software platforms to build email and social media promotions. I have also created some graphic promotions using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. UptownBeerandWineBEERFINAL

The staff here is very relationship oriented in all that they do. It seems that they work with everybody and anybody who’s anyone here in the Uptown area. I have been working with city officials and board members of BID (Business Improvement District) as well as local proprietors, owners, event goers and the entire gambit of what is Uptown.

So to sum it all up,it’s been a nutty few weeks with all the event’s coordination, new platforms, promotions, and just generally getting accustom to the overall culture of a new organization and it’s norms and routines. The team here at Uptown Columbus is amazing and is really teaching me what it means to be community minded! They are extremely receptive to the internship program, and extremely helpful in making me feel accepted and comfortable. With many more events and projects to come, I will soon update you on all the new and exciting adventures here at Uptown Columbus. So until then, keep your stick on the ice and keep puck’in around!

Word of the week: Public relations (pub’lic re-la’shuns) n. sing. – An applied social science that influences behavior and policy, when communicated effectively, motivates an individual or group to a specific course of action by creating, changing or reinforcing opinions and attitudes. Its ultimate objective is persuasion that results in a certain action which, to succeed, must serve the public interest. Edward Bernays – See more at: http://www.burson-marsteller.com/harold-blog/a-modern-definition-of-public-relations-why/#sthash.hKftcoE9.dpuf

Video of the week: 

Off their debut album, Devil You Know with former Killswitch Engage singer/frontman Howard Jones, Seven Years Alone is a hard hitting scream fest enveloped in blast beat drumming reminiscent of that Dream Theater sound, then those gorgeous melodious guitar riffs every so often finding their way into a melody rich chorus and finally a killer jumping bean breakdown. From the depths of thrash and metal, this super band put together not only a solid sound, but a great story line and vivacious video presence. Thrash junkies and Howard fans are excited for what’s to come with these guys. Look forward to a possible interview. To be continued…. – ZachJ


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