Free Food!!

A college students favorite two words. It was an interesting week at the Liberty. I was given the opportunity to put together props for the upcoming show. Get tickets together for our sponsors. Do social media to advertise our upcoming play and oh yeah get some free food from Hooks! Liberty_Theatre

Cannot say no to that. They have this saying at the liberty, that they have many tornadoes that come through on a daily basis. Not dangerous ones of course, but there is always something that kind of shakes things up on a daily basis. From getting free food, to being asked for interviews from local news stations. There is not a dull moment at the liberty. We were able to secure an interview with a local news station, because the mayor is looking to make major changes to the downtown area and the liberty will be affected, in a positive way.

I have been working diligently on the October Newsletter and posting on social media to get the word out about the upcoming play the Amen Corner. Sometimes we have to stop working because of those tornadoes, but it’s worth it.


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