Final Cut


As a Mass Media major, I’ve always thought it to be important to be well versed in, if possible, all aspects of media. This includes television, radio and photography but even to go as far as being able to write and also produce. For me, production has always been my downfall. Although I know the basic concepts in Final Cut, I can’t say that I could take a selection of media and produce a grade A production or even be able to make it look more than elementary. I’ve always been able to figure things out but I’ve never actually sat down and been shown what to do and why. This is where Ventrine came in, she is one of the workers at NPACE, she is also a communications major but more importantly she is a beast with Final Cut. I always see her in the lab, working and perfecting her projects with many questions of what she was doing and how. Well, I finally decided to ask her and man did she show me some things. First off, we talked about how to upload media into Final Cut and also how to sync audio from multiple audio sources. This was a big thing for me because I’ve always had camera audio and also audio from microphones with no knowledge in how to make the sync together. After we did this, Ventrine with through the process of editing her video and I watched her and asked questions when I needed too. Although Ventrine didn’t get all of her video done, I learned a lot of great new tips and tricks within Final Cut. I think that with all the help Ventrine gave me I can now produce something that is somewhat credible in Final Cut.


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