And the winner is…

Campaign Slogan

   Candidates very often have more than one consultant when it comes to making major decisions about the direction of a campaign.  In addition to a professional public relations specialist, there are paid political consultants,  volunteers and well-meaning supporters available to offer input and feedback for any occasion so when it comes to bouncing ideas around it’s important I think not to get your feelings hurt if somebody has a better idea.

By the same token, it’s also very rewarding when the team likes your idea.

When Team Roslund started kicking around ideas about a campaign slogan I listened carefully to repeated messages. He wants to represent Teachers. They’re getting the shaft, some in the group suggested.  He wants to represent Veterans. We’re not delivering on our promise to care for them another member said. The candidate himself spoke of his desire to represent all people in his Senate District, regardless of political affiliation or sexual orientation.

A slogan should be something simple, easy to remember, catchy AND look great as a cover photo on Facebook. Alliteration is always helpful too so I came up with a short list of suggestions. “Roslund Represents” was the obvious choice to me and the campaign staff agreed.  I must admit….it sure does look good. Boom!

Roslund Represents


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