Amelia Cox – CCC – Micah’s Promise



Today I met with Allen Allnoch and Sara Broughton about the content that I am to change and insert into the Micah’s Promise website. It was exciting to hear that what I have done on the website so far is good and I loved getting more direction on what order the menu needs to be in and what picture’s they would like to see on the website. I am being given much more content to include in the website which is allowing the website to take form and become functional. I was also able to offer Sara and Al more projects, to promote Micah’s Promise, for my other classes that I am involved in. As mentioned in a previous blog, I am in Interactive Media Production and will be producing a brochure, flier, powerpoint, and video for Micah’s Promise. In addition to those projects, I am in Community Communication and I am part of a group in that course which will also be promoting Micah’s Promise. In this group, we will be creating several power points aimed to speak to different groups of people in order to tell each group what Micah’s Promise is and why the organization needs their help. I am excited to be able to do all of these things this semester for this wonderful organization.

In addition to meetings and working on specific projects for Micah’s Promise, I have also been researching what channels of social media Christ Community Church (CCC) needs to be a part of. Al and I talked and have decided that CCC should be a part of Facebook and Twitter because those are the two most common channels of social media currently. Also, we have noticed that Facebook tends to reach out to the adults in the congregation and Twitter is reaching the preteens and teenagers. This way, CCC can reach the entire congregation through these two channels of social media. Next, I will be creating a weekly posting schedule with examples so that each week CCC can reach more and more people in the area.


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