What a Week – William Ginn

This week began with a big day Monday working on the new website. Currently the Columbus Botanical Garden would like for me to build one using weebly.com. Weebly.com is a free website building site that gives individuals the opportunity to build and scope basic websites for use or just to see what a website could look like. Unfortunately this website has its problems with being very limited and very underwhelming when wanting to create something. For this reason I have now been cleared to use another website building tool that allows more creativity called winx.

Since working on winx I have been able to do more with the look of the website and create a more personalized version for CBG.

Another item that I have worked on this week has been promoting the running/walking trail. In order to do this I have been in contact with local business’ but  also this week I have begun work on a flyer to show off all the running trail has to offer and all the beautiful flowers on it as well.

Ultimately my week was busy getting things moving helping create a new website and beginning work on a flyer for the trail, but I cannot wait to see the spoils of doing so



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