House Fire coverage with Sherale & Sara!

photo (19)     On Wednesday I got the opportunity to work alongside Sara Lim again! We went out to Stewart County (Lumpkin, Ga) to cover a house fire that occurred and left 1 person dead. It was a great opportunity for me to get more insight into what reporters go through to cover a story and create it in a short amount of time. While out with Sara, I got the opportunity to help her film footage of the aftermath of the fire. I also helped interview key people involved in the situation that were nearby and I even got the chance to get in front of the camera and create footage for my own news package. The toughest part about this situation was getting people to speak on camera for us so we could have A roll footage along with our B roll. After much probing around for people to interview, we finally got Tawanda Strickland, a neighbor of the deceased and interim police chief of Lumpkin, William Howard to speak to us on camera. Once we got all of the footage we needed for the 5:00 news segment, Sara and I headed back to the station to edit and package the footage for the show. I began creating and editing my own news package with the footage I had of me in front of the camera. I did not get the chance to finish on Wednesday because I’m still learning the editing software so I am not as fast as everyone else with packaging stories but I’m still learning and plan to finish up on Friday.

photo (18)

I enjoyed my experience with Sara in Lumpkin covering this story. I learned a great deal and Sara allowed me to participate in every aspect of the filming and interview process and did not treat me like a intern at all. I really appreciated that and it made my experience much more exciting. Another great thing that happened from me being out that day is that the photos I captured from the scene were featured on WTVM’s website and captioned with my name as the photo credit! This was really exciting and I am thrilled that my pictures were used. Loving my internship with WTVM so far! Click the link to see for yourself….

photo (24)


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