Show Me How To Use It!!!

For starters, NPACE has a lot of different types of equipment, from cameras to microphones and even tripods. It would take ages to learn each piece inside and out, so I just started with some of the cameras and a tripod. I decided to pick something I used so many different times while in NPACE, the Canon XA25 and a basic tripod. After I decided to use these pieces of equipment and I got Eric to train me and just make sure I knew exactly what to do with the devices.


We trained on one of the JVC Pro HDs in the studio and also with the Canon XA25. We talked about how to initially set the camera up on a tripod how to center the head of the tripod so that the shot is centered and also other key elements into setting it up properly. With the XA25 he showed me how to set the different focuses and how to create a slow and regular paced zoom. In addition to that he also showed me in the settings how to allow input microphones to get audio aside from the camera audio. The session that we had was brief but very informative, he made me set up the Canon XA25, audio and all, and check the audio for it and show him how to execute certain commands on the camera and different scenarios the camera can go into. It was really fun working with Eric, he was very hands-on and made sure I had everything under control. We didn’t stop our training until I could set up and take down the camera with my eyes closed. I thought I knew how to do everything but Eric taught me even more. It really helped broaden my knowledge on television and camera production.


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