Intern’s Day Out

DSC - business card line2

Week Three started with a national holiday. Columbus State University and Disability Service Center were closed for Labor Day. However, on Wednesday, I made up for the lost time caused by Monday’s holiday.

The day began with Jay tasking me to create an 18-inch by 24-inch poster and a ‘universal’ business card for the Disability Service Center. The poster would be used in the DSC. The ‘universal’ business card will be used for interns and for people who wish to promote DSC. I made two different styles of the DSC poster using PhotoShop for Jay to choose from. I made them on my laptop and sent them to him via email. Jay gave me a copy of his own business card and requested that I make something similar without his name on it. After I completed the plain card we further collaborated and I then made it look more like his business card using PhotoShop. In doing this two print items I have discovered that PhotoShop is more useful than I once thought.

Jay and I determined I would gain a better understanding of Disability Service Center if I went on an outside consumer call with him. I will only use the consumer’s first name in this blog. DeAnthony has signed a consent form with DSC as one of the success stories. D lost his leg below the knee after being hit by two cars at the end of last year. I went with Jay and D to a doctor’s appointment which I cannot discuss due to HIPPA. However, I can discuss the other appointment at the Alabama Artificial Limb & Orthopedic Service, Inc. Out of my curiosity, I asked lots of questions and they were all happily answered.

I did learn more about what Jay O’Neal’s job as the director of the Disability Service Center occasionally entails. I will admit I admire him for his selflessness.



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